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SAlty Budz Terms and Conditions


Class Cancellation Policy:  By registering for a class/lesson/tour you agree to provide Salty Budz minimum of forty-eight hour cancellation notice if you can't make the class/lesson/tour and need to reschedule. By registering for a class/lesson/tour you agree to pay Salty Budz  100% cancellation fee for cancellations made less then forty-eight  hours before a class/lesson/tour. Salty Budz will waive the cancellation fee if you opt to reschedule the class/ lesson/ tour to a later date. We do paddle in the rain. We will only cancel trips if lightening is present. South Florida storms usually pass through quick so please call Salty Budz to confirm if courses are cancelled for the day.

Payment for Products or Services:  Payments may be made in cash or credit card. All payments will be processed in USA Dollar at the time of payment.

Terms & Conditions changes: Salty Budz also reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions and prices at our discretion. If we make any significant change to this policy, we will provide notice of the changes on this website.

Terms of Use:  In using the Salty Budz  (www.saltybudz.com) website, you are agreeing to be legally bound by these terms as modified from time to time ('Terms'). Before using the Salty Budz website it is your responsibility to read Salty Budz‘s Privacy Policy and to inform Salty Budz if you have any quesitons.

Waiver Form Terms and Condition:  All services purchased from Salty Budz must be preceded by the applicant acknowledging, by way of completed a studio waiver form that he/she has no physical limitations preventing her/him from participation. All participants must complete a waiver form prior to attending classes at Salty Budz. If applicants are under the age of 18 years they must have consent, in written form or over phone confirmation, from a parent or guardian. The applicant also agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of Salty Budz, and acknowledges that these rules and regulations may change from time to time. Rules and regulations will be explained to customer before getting on the water. Furthermore, all applicants release Salty Budz employees from all liability regarding 1) any injury to self or child 2) any loss or damage to personal property

Salty Budz holds the rights to trademarks, trade names, logos, and service marks on the Salty Budz website.