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Salty Budz

Who we are...

Outdoor water sports lifestyle. Offering service in the most exciting water sport for people of all ages growing across the nation… paddle boarding. Founded by a local Floridian who was influenced by his best friends who’s relationships always grew stronger with journey’s taken around water sports.

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Paddle Board Rentals

Turn a day on the water into one shared with smiles, laughs, and memories.We are a mobile company that wants to bring this exciting experience to you, so boards are delivered to you at our preferred paddle locations along the east coast from Delray Beach to Miami.

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Individual Rentals

Hour or day rentals for those looking to enjoy time at the beach with a Salty Budz paddle board.


Large Group Rentals

Birthday parties, corporate events, or a bunch of friends wanting to enjoy a day paddling on the water together.



Monthly membership gatherings include unique monthly events like coffee and donut paddles, costume paddles, moonlight paddles, and friendly competitive paddle competitions.



Explore South Florida above and below the beatuiful waters with exciting Salty Budz adventures.

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Guided Fishing Adventure

Get hooked with our inshore fishing guides targeting snook, jack, trout, and red fish.

Snorkel Adventure

Adventure seekers looking to get their head wet and snorkel around South Florida's beautiful reefs and marine habitat.

Fitness Adventure

Drop the gym membership and join Salty Budz on the water for fitness courses.

You know you like our gear.

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Contact Us

Any questions pertaining to the information on the website or our service, feel free to contact us. We value our customers comments and requests.

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