Our Adventures

We are a mobile company that wants to bring this exciting experience to you, so boards are delivered to you at our preferred paddle locations along the east coast from Delray Beach to Miami.


Guided Fishing Adventure

6 hours with equipment provided


6hr fishing trip on our paddle boards, tackle, rods and reels provided. Inshore fish from snook, sheaphead, mangrove snapper, jack curval, and barracuda are some of the target species in the back waters of Estero Bay and Hollywood.


Snorkel Adventure


Location: We paddle out to the beautiful reefs just off the shore of Florida’s East Coast.
Includes: Paddle board, mask, snorkels, fins, and a local guide.
Duration: 3 hr paddle and snorkel trip. 


Fitness Adventure

Drop the gym membership and workout outside!


Work out sessions with heart heat monitors/ GPS. Workout data such as distance, work out time, GPS tracking of route, heart rate, and calories burned will be emailed to the customer. Salty Budz has a certified fitness instructor who can interpret you’re workout data, create a workout program, and set goals for you to achieve your peak performance.


Ready to book!!  Give a call, or to reserve a day and type of rental, use the button bellow.