Salty Budz

Cultivating Adventure

Outdoor water sports lifestyle. Offering service in the most exciting water sport for people of all ages growing across the nation… paddle boarding. Founded by a local Floridian who was influenced by his best friends who’s relationships always grew stronger with journey’s taken around water sports. What started out as a hobby is now their profession and passion. Providing customers with the most authentic water sport adventure we provide the best equipment and accessories for those to cultivate their own adventure with friends.  Finding solitude from the concrete jungle if only for a few minutes or hours a week is within reach by getting on a board and paddling the hidden gens Salty Budz rentals are located. Salty Budz isn’t only about creating new adventures with your current friends but building a network of likeminded individuals who share passion for outdoor water sport adventure.

Giving Back

As of 2016 Salty Budz has become a member of 1% for the Planet and donates 1% of their annually sales to this cause that helps promote education of our planet’s natural resources and how we need to be more conscious in our actions on how we treat this planet. Being a company founded on a lifestyle that relies on the health and beauty of the environment around us we felt the need to support this organization. Customers have a say in the social actions in our everyday life and a vote with the products they buy. Being an educated customer who recognizes the 1% for the Planet tag on our products will know that there money is going to a cause that is devoted to protecting the health of the environment we so passionately create our active lifestyles around and to make sure we continue to have these same great outdoor experiences available for future generations.